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Some facts about the domain that might be interesting:

Domain Name: Driving
Length: 7
Language: EN
Registrar: Park.io

Some more facts:

 Navigation site
 Car / Bike / Boat

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If you want to buy Driving.to (or more names of our portfolio), the process is as followed: Depending on your needs and the amount of the purchase price, I will set up a domain buying contract. After the purchase you´ll get an invoice (Note: According to § 19 UStG in German law no sales tax can be charged. The tax liability is shifted to the recipient of the supply - Reverse Charge System). After the money has hit my bank account, I will provide you with the authorization code(s) for the name(s).
If you are not familiar or not willing to proceed with the preferred process but want to use an Escrow service instead, there is no problem at all. We can use any Escrow service of your choice (i.e. Escrow.com, Sedo.com, ...). But keep in mind that the buyer bears all additional costs that comes with a third-party service.

The domain Driving.to is offered by IsarDomains.com. Who's behind the service? It's a young dad from Munich, Germany who does Domaining as a small business. As a DNAcademy.com graduate, he has learnt a lot of insights by the domain sherpas like Michael Cyger, Ali Zandi or Frank Schilling.

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